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StGIS is proud to be located in such a charming environment with possibilities to expand your passions and inspiration


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Instructions for
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StGIS is proud to be located in such a charming environment with possibilities to expand your passions and inspiration


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Discover the remarkable
St. Gilgen International School

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Listen to my podcast “Leadership mit Schmetterlingen im Bauch” (DE)



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Dr Manfred Hückel

Giving wings to talents

We all have unique talents waiting to be discovered and developed into strengths. It is these strengths that form the basis of extraordinary achievements: in education, sports or business.

Leveraging decades of experience as Global Red Bull Manager (CCO), and now as pro bono managing partner at St. Gilgen International School, I regard it as my purpose to help as many people as possible to discover their strengths and the key missions of their lives. I am grateful to be able to do this in many different capacities – as a university lecturer, speaker, podcaster, and author.

As a first step, I would like to help you find out what really matters to you and how to achieve it. In order to do this, I have developed my “Butterfly Model” (video below) to help you identify the seven most important roles of your life and to define your personal missions. Ultimately your missions will be the right ones if they give you the feeling of butterflies flying around in your stomach, laying the foundation for outstanding future achievements. It is my privilege to share my experiences, insights and frameworks with you and to be part of your journey. Spread your wings!

Yours truly,

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Speeches & Presentations

As a highly experienced and passionate speaker, I can deliver inspiring speeches to both corporate and educational businesses. Whether you're seeking to motivate your employees or engage with your school community, I am dedicated to providing tailored and informative presentations that will captivate your audience.

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Tune into my DE podcast “Leadership mit Schmetterlingen im Bauch” and discover insights, lessons and mistakes from my guests and my own career.

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Read through a variety of my published articles and books and learn about leadership and how to achieve excellence in sports, education and business.

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Attend my “Leadership and Negotiation” executive education course at the beautiful lake Wolfgang in Austria - carefully designed to help you develop into a better leader & manager. (DE & EN)

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Discover why St. Gilgen International School is so important to me and learn about my role at the school. Attend an unforgettable trial day at one of the most remarkable educational institutions in the world.

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For students

Attend one of my leadership or negotiations classes at WU, HSG or HHL and let me help you discover and develop your strengths as a future leader & manager. Please visit the webpages of the respective universities to find out more about my upcoming courses there.

Information about Dr. Manfred Hueckel, his experience, career and personal projects.
About Dr Manfred Hückel

A little about me

My career started in marketing at Procter&Gamble in Vienna and then Lisbon. Following this, I began my 23-year journey at Red Bull with roles including Global Head of Marketing and Sales, CCO, and member of the board. During this time, Red Bull developed from a small Austrian company with a handful of young managers into a global organization with annual sales of more than 7 billion Euros in more than 160 countries of distribution.

Since 2016, I have worked pro bono as a managing partner at St. Gilgen International School, and I have lectured at business universities like WU (Vienna), HSG (St. Gallen/CH) and HHL (Leipzig) for more than 20 years.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to obtain two master’s degrees (commerce and law) and one doctorate (law) and to attend some of the best executive education courses at Harvard and Stanford University – courses that focused on leadership and negotiations. My family and sports have always played a key part in my life – I'm proud to say I am a former National Handball Champion and recent Ironman Hawaii Triathlon finisher… Ask me about it if you have a lot of time!

It's time to change the way we lead other people

Island of Excellence

Discover St. Gilgen International School

I am deeply proud to be part of the St. Gilgen International School in Austria – a world-class education set in an extraordinary natural environment. As managing partner of the school, I have dedicated myself to this unique non-profit institution and helping to uncover and refine the hidden talents of every new generation that passes through our gates. I warmly invite you to become part of a unique project and join our remarkable community.

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