Executive Education

Leadership & Negotiation Course

This executive education course is specially designed to develop both your leadership and your negotiation strengths. Taking place in the picturesque Austrian town of St. Gilgen located on lake Wolfgang, an exclusive group of just 6-12 professionals ensures a unique and personal learning experience. This high-intensity 4-day course is offered in German.

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Education for professionals

Who should attend?

Professionals of any occupation who want to improve their self-leadership, leadership, communication, and negotiation skills.

About Dr Manfred Hueckel

An honour to teach you & share my experience

  • - 23 years of leadership in Red Bull organizations (e.g. as Global Head of Marketing and Sales). My experience comes from leading small teams of 7 people up to a global organization with more than 10.000 people and negotiating with business partners all around the world.
  • - During my career I’ve acquired key learnings (and scar tissue!) that I believe can transform how you perform both personally and professionally.
  • - We will also use case studies from Harvard Business School and insights from the best leadership and negotiation experts in the world.
    - It is my passion to give wings to your leadership and negotiation skills!
A view of the classic architecture present at the StGIS Campus
Executive course contents

What you will learn

- How to lead yourself

- How to lead a team for extraordinary success

- How to use the art of influence

- How to perfectly prepare for a negotiation
- How to win in a negotiation
- How to manage change and lead in a crisis
- How to speak convincingly to a broad audience 

- How to build your own “island of excellence”

Day 1

  • Arrival and lunch
  • What Hollywood tells us about leadership
  • HBS Case Study
  • Leadership Definitions
  • Leading yourself: The Butterfly Model
  • Creating your Personal Vision Statement

Day 2

  • Sharing Personal Vision Statements
  • Leading others through missions, objectives, and positive feedback
  • Influencing others
  • HBS Role play
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Presence
  • Briefing for “Leader’s Speech for Change”

Day 3

  • “Leader’s Speech for Change” – Performance
  • Leadership in a crisis
  • Afternoon: individual discussions during cable car trip to Zwölferhorn

Day 4

  • Islands of Excellence
  • Final role play
  • Lunch and departure

I can honestly say this was the best course I have ever taken! It was more than a course, rather an experience and an opportunity to create a better version of oneself and one’s future.

This course gave me enormous support both for professional and for personal decisions, and the Butterfly Model guided me in the right direction. Thank you so much!

The course was thrilling and full of practical insights. And it was the mix of the cases, the group interactions and the Red Bull experiences that made it so diversified and interesting.

Leadership & Negotiation (DE)
  • € 2.900,00
  • German-speaking Course
  • July 1-4, 2024
  • St. Gilgen, Austria
  • Accomodation at Hotel Post (****)

Course Feedback

100% of participants gave the highest rating when asked if they would recommend the course to someone else.

Leadership & Negotiation (DE)
  • € 2.800,00
  • German-speaking Course
  • July 4-7, 2022
  • St. Gilgen, Austria
  • Accomodation at Hotel Post (****)
Leadership & Negotiation (EN)
  • € 2.800.00
  • English-speaking Course
  • July 11-14, 2022
  • St. Gilgen, Austria
  • Accomodation at Hotel Post (****)